Won’t be long..

Well, you might not be able to forget how your soul quivered, just before that last string snapped.

You might still remember how mercilessly you weren’t given an option to hold on.

That numbness wouldn’t start to feel unfamiliar for a long time, because that was one long freefall.

But soon there’d be something to break your fall.

Or you’d have learnt to find a way.

Maybe all those shattered pieces won’t return to make you feel like ‘yourself’.

But the light in you would shine through.

Those fragments that you left along the way, they’d have lit up and made this world a better place.

You’d be long gone, you’d have found home.

Or may be you’d have carried along pieces of you that started to shine.

You had held on to them and hung them over your head.

Then made a canopy of stars out of it.

After all, that string had to snap and that fall had to create a million fragments.

It’s alright, they will all light up just in time to look like stars. Watch out for those.

– Still Strawberry Pickin’ in Coffee Fields.


Uncharted Maps.

When you’re done chasing that sunset to the possibly far end of the sea, find a spot to sit and watch it go down.

Because, someday when you turn around to look at it, these last few moments are all that you will remember. Those memory sprints your mind would take, would lead to moments that you decided to sink into.

It would’ve been a perfect blend of the golden sand and the loud crashing silence. Or a gazillion questions to which you knew the answer for, all along. May be a subtle nudge to hope for a better tomorrow. Or even how painfully it felt perfect and a lot less heavier when your breathed.

But remember to wait there to watch it go down…every last ray. These will be the defining moments.

They will tell you why letting go was the perfect plot twist. They will tell you that you knew your sundown looked good on the horizon, far away.

They will remind you why you didn’t dive into the sea and chase it down on an uncharted map.


– Strawberry Pickin’ in Coffee Fields

When Oxymorons Came Alive!


I think I’m starting to find that I love being lost.

Just the other day, I walked up to the cliff-beach, and a deafening silence while catching the moon-ed sunset. I thought I had a tough time wrapping my head around a dreamy reality.

I even convinced myself that this has been a long holding on to an evident let go…and bittersweet ofcourse!

My life has the perfect collection of oxymorons. I love it just this way, or let’s call it a definite maybe.

– Strawberry Pickin’ In Coffee Fields

She Runs Things, They Don’t Run She.

Sitting at my work desk, way past my working hours I couldn’t help but ponder over something my colleague pointed out yesterday.

As we were discussing something she mentioned how women are taught to shrink away under stressful or weird situations. It sent some chills down the spine.

That’s how we’ve been brought up. We’ve been taught to quit something if we’re not getting better at it. We’re advised to stay away from a list of stressful things or even working our way up the ladder in terms of career, or something as simple as an adventure sport, may be a risky profession.

I’ve time to time had people telling me I’m not good with a piano (which I might just agree, because I quickly gave up and I’m horrified at the thought of a piano now :P) or even going on an adventure trip on my own. Why? “Cause you’re a woman! Act like one!”. I’ve never bothered trying to do a list of things after long speeches of ‘you’re a woman’.

We’re taught to quit the minute we feel stressed about a job or even a course for that matter. To complicate things, we’re taught not to make eye contact with intimidating people at work or outside. Shy away from situations when it’s not even your mistake because, why bother with that embarrassment? Save it (for when you teach your daughter how to shy away too.).

Well, don’t go stick your head inside a lions mouth and expect not to get hurt. But to a level would you stop panicking about being a woman already? (Well, in India cows are safer, so you be careful)

And these come not from the men, but the women!! I’ve constantly heard from a few women in my life about how I need to give up and go home. Oh the things that men say? Don’t even get me started.

The problem is that women have been brought up to live scared and panicked all the time that they, with no guilt, raise another generation of women that are all the time under a stress about being a woman.

For the millionth time..

She runs things, they don’t run she.

Don’t tell her how she needs to shrink away, become invisible, act dead or sit it out. Encourage her to stand up and live. It doesn’t matter if she has fallen a gazillion times before. Never convince her to give up! Tell her not to back down.

Let her stand up for herself, simply because no one else will! Better yet, show her ‘How’. Woman Up!

– From One Finally ‘Woman-ed Up’ Woman (or so I hope), To Another.

Takes Two To Tango!

Recently I had a painful experience of watching one of my very close friends go through a heartbreak. It kind of crushed me when I realized that these things make you so vulnerable. Doesn’t matter how strong you are or how many layers of walls you’ve managed to build to protect yourself, you seem to end up right where you never wanted to be.

Having had to walk through my own share of these, I knew that the helpless crumble, into the hug that I offered was the heaviest that I’ve ever felt. So here’s something.

Dear Awesomeness (as you call yourself),

I don’t expect this to make sense to you right now, but someday soon I hope it does.

Life will never be fair and hopless romantics will never stop being themselves. But on this pursuit of love, there ain’t no giving up. While at it, as you said, there is no pretence, also, neither regrets nor failures. As contradictory as it sounds, ‘All in love is not fair’, they must have gotten it mixed with an Indian beauty cream Ad.

It’s ultimately about learning that the kind of Love that brings out best version of yourself and that which fights to keep you forever, is worth waiting for!

Let the rest that needs to be let go, be gone. Let bitterness find its way out, let love remain. Let the kind that remains through the sad, ugly and worse find its way to you.

As I have finally understood, there is no ‘meant to be’, there is no ‘The One’.

It takes two to Tango. Two, who constantly decide to never give up on each other. Period.

Don’t give up on love just yet, the best will find its way to your heart. The kind that is willing to work on keeping you for a lifetime! It probably is worth waiting for, atleast that’s what they say 🙂


-Still Strawberry Pickin’ in Coffee Fields

(welcome to adulthood it’s crappy and fun 😛 )


You May Say I’m A Dreamer..

Some days just go by, leaving me with no sense of wonder. The only thing I had the strength for that day, after a lovely campfire night that went on till dawn, was a mindless walk alone.

Wandering through some mighty grown trees and weird bushes (this is why I keep having these frequent insect bite episodes :P), with Life Goes On by Fergie on the loop, led me to a half opened door. (You can call it half shut or half opened, I like the latter)

The blue around the white door with a mid-morning sunlight pouring in and an entire wall of clingy greens, played the perfect ‘frame game’. I was so sure my sense of ‘wonder’ was going to want to walk up straight push open that door to see what was on the other side.

To my surprise, I took a picture of it went up a few steps and then decided that I should let that door be.

Pushing that door open would reveal what’s behind, but this time, I just wanted to step back and leave it to my imagination.

I will never know what was behind that door, I don’t think I’d want to know. But ‘Guess I’ll Never Know’ is probably going to be my new favorite trigger to get me wondering, when I want to just sit in a corner and daydream. Simply because life doesn’t excite me with much mystery nor does it let me dream. So I’ll create moments like these and my sense of wonder won’t waddle away.

It’s alright to let a few things in life just be. Let it be a mystery.

– Still Strawberry Pickin’ In Coffee Fields.

All Mine!


I do not get to hold on to anything. Infact, I was never given a choice.

Those ‘sinking’ moments have gotten a little too familiar, that nothing else would feel right.

But how is that I’m somehow never entitled to answers for my ‘why’s?

How is that even you’ve gotten away far, my tears end up unmattered like my scars?

How is that I still choose to wish you good, while I’m hurting inside out?

How is that I see you walk ahead, when I still feel a million fragments of brokeness?

How is that my silent prayers have become a reason for your smile, while unanswered prayers are all mine?

-All Mine